Vidyz Review

Watch the review of Vidyz by Dawud Islam of the Elite Tigers Group HERE. This excellent product was created by Mike From Maine and Brett Rutecky and fills a real gap in the market that has emerged after recent policy changes at both Google and Youtube. Google, of course, famously changed their algorhtym so that videos no longer autoplay and meanwhile Youtube has been creating ever more innovative ways to get you to watch more and more different videos to enhance your ‘user experience’, which means they are looking to maximise their advertising potential. This is a particular problem if you are using embedded Youtube videos on your sales pages and bonus pages, because Youtube will provide many prompters to get people away from your page and back to the Youtube main site. For instance, if you pause a video the user will be presented with about 5 or 6 alternative videos to watch instead. This all adds up to a headache for internet and affiliate marketers and is the problem that Vidyz sets out to solve. Watch the video for full details. Although this product will not be for everybody, for those that it will help we give it our maximum Elite Tigers Group rating of 5*****/5.

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