OptinJoy Review

Watch the video review of OptinJoy by Dawud Islam of the Elite Tigers Group HERE. Excellent lead generation tool that will create and share quizzes, surveys, lifestyle questionnaires, calls to action and other items to get a ton of signups to your list. There are two demo videos with exact examples of the software in action, including a genuine 12 hour case study from the creator Dan Ashendorf. This is a really great bit of kit as people these days are much more likely to give you their e-mail address for something like getting their answers to a quiz or a ‘what type of animal are you?’ type question than they are to get a tired old E-Book. I can see this being a massive hit and I intend to pick up a copy myself, and it is not often you will see me say that. Elite Tigers Group rating 4.5****/5.

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