Sendiio Review

Watch the video review of Sendiio by Dawud Islam of the Elite Tigers Group HERE. Joshua Zamora has created a product that is being tipped by many to be the best selling product on Warrior Plus this year. It is a new autoresponder that, for the first time ever, can also send SMS text messages and post to Facebook Messenger. It is also available as a single one-off payment during the short launch period, with no monthly fees. Those of us that pay over $100 a month for our autoresponders (as do I) know how big a deal this is. You really need to watch the video as there are two lengthy videos, an explainer and a demo, with over 20 minutes of content on my bonus page and so you can make this purchase fully informed. This is going to be huge, folks, and a first of its kind product like this is definitely worthy of a full 5*/5 Elite Tigers Group rating.

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