SEO Dragon Review

Watch the video review of SEO Dragon by Dawud Islam of the Elite Tigers Group HERE. I keep going on in 2019 about the need to diversify and to look for additional revenue streams outside of the traditional make money online/ad exchanges/mailers marketplace. This is another product that is ideal for doing that, and indeed can make you a really lucrative business in the process with the potential for $5000+ a month if you are prepared to work at it. SEO Dragon compiles reports on the SEO performance of local business websites in a given niche in a particular geographical area. You can then view those reports and any that are found to be significantly failing, the software will then send a sales letter from you automatically to offer your services. You can either go for a ‘quick option’ of selling them the full report for a fee, which shows them how to do the repair work. Or, if you want to take a longer term view, you can offer a full SEO repair service yourself, which you can complete even if you are a complete newbie to SEO by following the easy steps contained in the software repair tools. Do not underestimate the potential of putting together a successful SEO agency. I know people who make literally thousands per month from doing this alone and nothing else. Optimising sites for mobile is particularly lucrative at present, and optimising them for voice searches from platforms like Alexa is also becoming big and about to become even bigger. If used wisely this has the ability to be the single product that could turn your online business around and potentially set you up for life. Elite Tigers Group rating 4.5****/5.

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