Flipp Ninja Review

Watch the video review of Flipp Ninja by Dawud Islam of the Elite Tigers Group HERE. Art Flair and the team have come up with a great ‘flipping’ or ‘arbitrage’ method that will show you how to buy products at a low price on one website and then sell them for a much higher price at another. This is an ideal method for newbies. Indeed I started by own internet journey by doing something similar and I was soon making around $1500 a month from it so I can certainly vouch that it works! In this method you will make around $25 per transaction and one of the reasons why it is so attractive to newbies is because you do not need a website, hosting, a list, a domain or even landing or squeeze pages. Plus it is a zero cost method! There is a bit of work involved if you want to make a four figure monthly income, which you certainly can with this method, and the training inside the site is very good. The price of the product during the launch period is also very low at around $10 for the front end. It all adds up to an Elite Tigers Group rating of 4****/5.

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