Informly Review

Watch the video review of Informly by Dawud Islam of the Elite Tigers Group HERE. A great little course, this. It tells the story of how newbie and former ice-cream salesman Prathamesh Madan devised a method that consistently makes him $50 a day from small micro-campaigns that take him about 15-20 minutes on average to create. He then bought the idea to Momen Khati who helped him develop it into this product. Now that might not sound like a lot of money to some of you, but many newbies reading this would dearly love to be making a consistent $50 a day and would be pleased to find a method that does not involve having a website, mailing list or the need to produce product reviews. Also, remember that this $50 a day can be just one element of a portfolio of methods that you are using to make money online on a daily basis and which all adds up. Indeed, if you look on my bonus page you will see that I am throwing in a whole set of other methods, completely separate from this one, that can also make you a daily regular income. When combined together they can all set you on the way to making several hundred dollars a day. However, whatever you do don’t miss out on Informly which is currently on sale at the bargain front end price of just $9.95. Elite Tigers Group rating 4.5****/5.

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