Cookbooks Empire – Diets Edition Review

Watch the video review of Cookbooks Empire – Diets Edition by Dawud Islam of the Elite Tigers Group HERE. Alessandro Zamboni has created a great product in a super powerful niche – dieting. You will be aware that all year I have been encouraging the members of the Elite Tigers Group to break out from the normal make money online and ad exchange niches and diversify into other more leftfield ideas to give themselves a much wider reach and not to be at the mercy of Paypal and other issues. Dieting is a perfect niche and this course shows you how you can create and publish a diet cookbook on Kindle in around an hour. Alessandro gives you the ten top niche diets currently trending and also gives you access to over 15,000 recipes plus details of how to get started on Kindle (plus details of publishing in print as well if you wish). He also provides basic traffic training but I rapidly expand on this in my custom bonuses. This is a high value course and I recommend it. Elite Tigers Group rating 4****/5.

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