LEADX Review

Watch the video review of LEADX by Dawud Islam of the Elite Tigers Group HERE. Software system that allows you to ‘hijack’ pages on other websites such as BBC, CNN, Wikipedia and so on and have your affiliate links appear on them as a pop-up. Now I need to make it clear that your links will not appear on the ACTUAL BBC or CNN sites as I think the sales video is a little hyped and may give you that impression, but this is still nevertheless a very useful tool that enables you to ‘clone’ pages from these sites and then send people to them with your links attached. It is a great way to send people to very engaging content at the same time as pomoting your affiliate offers. You can see a full walkthrough demo on my bonus page and also some amazing offers I have put together for you in my custom bonuses. Elite Tigers Group rating 3.5***/5.

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