Engagermate Review

Watch the video review of Engagermate by Dawud Islam of the Elite Tigers Group HERE. If you want a product that will finally allow you to engage in a major way on Instagram, then Luke Maguire finally has you covered with this heavy duty release. Spolier Alert: If you are looking for a cheap $17 or $20 one-off price software, then this isn’t it. But what it is is a serious piece of kit that will get you genuine results and one which the creator is so confident in that he is even offering a DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK guarantee if you use the product as it was intended for 60 days and find that it doesn’t work for you. Engagermate is a completely automated software that will follow people for you on Instagram in your chosen niche using #hashtags and then engage directly with those that follow you back, sending them a welcome message with your links on, liking their posts and videos and generally keeping engaged. This is really just a quick synopisis of what is a really detailed product and I urge you to watch Luke’s full walkthrough demo on my bonus page. Whilst there check out my 5 custom bonuses carefully chosen to enhance your chances of success with this product. Elite Tigers Group rating 4.5****/5.

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