Kartel Review

Watch the video review of Kartel by Dawud Islam of the Elite Tigers Group HERE. The best release yet from Jono Armstrong and Brendan Mace, Kartel allows you to effortlessly make money from high ticket offers and earn commissions in the range of $500-$5000 per sale. It does this by using other peoples webinars to make the sales for you, using your (guaranteed approval) affiliate links. Next the Kartel software kicks in to find high authority but low competition Youtube videos where you can target huge numbers of subscribers in your niche for less than $0.20 per click, much cheaper than the normal rate of around $1 a click for this type of traffic – that is the beauty of the Kartel software! Check out my stunning bonuses (2 of which I have never offered before) on my bonus page as well as a full walkthrough demo from Jono himself. This is a real winner. Elite Tigers Group rating 5*/5.

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