eComLive Review

Watch the video review of eComLive by Dawud Islam from the Elite Tigers Group HERE. Great new very newbie friendly e-commerce release from Simon Greenhalgh and Talal. This product provides an excellent low cost way to start out in e-commerce, with everything you need done for you inside here. Once you have chosen the niche you want to sell in, you can research the keywords needed to choose and rank your products and then find them and import them into the software. Next, you can find high converting sales videos (you don’t need to make any videos yourself) and set them up to go out ‘as live’ on Youtube – this will ensure that they get very high rankings and therefore you will get good sales. Finally, set up your well designed store with no monthly fees (you can create up to 3 stores with the front end product and there is also an unlimited version available). This is a great all-in-one package and I highly recommend it. Elite Tigers Group rating 4****/5.

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