Social Video Adz Review

Watch the video review of Social Video Adz by Dawud Islam of the Elite Tigers Group HERE. This is a really excellent release from Ryan Phillips and Jamie Ohler that shows you the best ways to set up and monetize video ads across four different social platforms: Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and LinkedIn. This does not have to be an expensive process as the model is based on an initial daily spend of just $2 before scaling up using your profits. The course is a really in depth training into all of these platforms and also offers a great resource for those looking to make money by offering this service to others, whether that be through your own ad agency or by using outsourcing platforms like Fiverr. This is the first course I have seen that offers all of this in one place and it sure to be well sought after by those either currently not using paid advertising, or by those that have failed to see the results that they wanted. Elite Tigers Group rating 4.5****/5.

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