Adtactics Review

Watch the video review of Adtactics by Dawud Islam from the Elite Tigers Group HERE. Great new release from Lance Groom, Nikhil and Vishal on a subject still dear to my heart – Print Media. Lots of people consider this medium to be dead but if you know the right places to place your ads there are still fortunes to be made from print advertising – as Lance himself knows very well from personal experience. As someone who worked for a significant part of my life in the newspaper and magazine industry, I would be the first to admit that it has seen better days! But it endures and some magazines have actually seen INCREASES in circulation over the past few years. There are also certain demographics that can ONLY be reached by print, and who are key target audiences for certain Clickbank products. This excellent course has a low front end price and for those that take it seriously it will deliver a lucrative return in a sector that hardly anyone in our business is using right now, and more fool them! Elite Tigers Group rating 5*/5.

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