IM Checklist Book Launch Review

Watch the video review of IM Checklist Book Launch by Dawud Islam from the Elite Tigers Group HERE. Regular viewers of this channel will know that I am a big fan of Irish Internet Marketer Kevin Fahey, and they will also know that I am also a big fan of phsyical books. So when you combine the two you are bound to be on to a winner in my eyes! Kevin has combined 24 of his monthly IM Checklists series into 2 x huge volumes with 12 checklists in each, both volumes running to over 400 pages. The first 12 he calls the ‘Silver Edition’ which I purchased when it came out last year, and the second he calls the ‘Gold Edition’ which contains the 12 most recent checklists in the collection. This stuff is like gold dust, folks, and is your indespendible encyclopedia of everything you could possibly need to know in internet or affiliate marketing. Although more expensive than a typical digital marketing release, the content is, paradoxically – priceless! Elite Tigers Group rating 5*****/5.

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