IM Checklist V28 Review

Watch the video review of IM Checklist V28 – Funnels by Dawud Islam from the Elite Tigers Group HERE. The best release yet in his ongoing Internet Marketing Checklist series by Irish marketer Kevin Fahey. This time the topic is Funnels, which is a vital one for all internet and affiliate marketers. The package comes as usual with 18 different checklists containing all the information you need to set up effective funnels, but this month the product is enhanced by also including a set of video training on how to set up funnels. With great bonuses also included, I strongly believe that this edition is a MUST for all marketers, and so I have also included a massive package of 15 of my own custom bonuses to encourage you to pick it up. The product also comes with full private label rights (PLR). Elite Tigers Group rating 5*****/5.

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