You Gen Bots Review

Watch the video review of You Gen Bots by Dawud Islam from the Elite Tigers Group HERE. Big collaboration between two ‘giants’ of the affiliate marketing world – Brendan Mace and Jason Fulton. You Gen Bots is nothing to do with chatbots, it is actually a product that creates auto generated blog content for you on any topic. The blogs are hosted for you, and so there is none of the usual issues you get with this type of product, which is usually a wordpress plugin that struggles to work with a lot of their standard themes and can then crash following wordpress updates. You won’t have any of those issues with You Gen Bots. All content is ‘spun’ meaning that your articles will read differently to everyone elses, great for SEO ranking purposes. There is also built in traffic generation with a few clicks. A lot better value, then, than most similar products out there. Elite Tigers Group rating 4.5****/5.

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