Graphic Design Academy V3 Just Launched

Watch the video review of Graphic Design Academy V3 by Dawud Islam of the Elite Tigers Group HERE. Shelley Penney and Sorin Constantin are on to another winner with this great PLR product which taps straight into a proven high demand niche. They enjoyed previous success with their product showing people how to use the free platform Canva, and this time they have done the same with the Online Software platform ‘DesignBold’. There are very few tutorials out there teaching graphic design and certainly none of this quality with over-the-shoulder videos. You can see the first lesson for FREE by clicking on my bonus page underneath this video. This will be a really easy sell as there is a huge demand for design training and the done for you sales page and the quality of the course materials will mean that your conversions will be high. A personal use option is also available but for a small amount more you get the full PLR version and so you would be mad to miss out. We also recommend the excellent first two upsells detailed on the review video. All in all, another great PLR product which we give an Elite Tigers Group rating of 4.5****/5.

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