About The Elite Tigers Group

The Elite Tigers Group was founded by internet entrepreneur Dawud Islam in January 2018 and it launched it’s first website, Epic Downline Builder, on February 13th 2018. This co-incided with Dawud’s E-book, The Epic Way To $100k, which was given away to everyone that joined the first website, and still is today.

Since then the group has embarked on a planned expansion and now hosts 16 website across a range of advertising and revenue generation niches, all with a different value proposition that complements one another. The sites include downline builders, list generation programs, ad exchanges, revenue share sites and classified advertising boards.

Dawud has continued to work as a coach and on other projects and in 2019 he has started to really develop his affiliate marketing training program. He will shortly be launching a free introductory course on this website. He works with various mentors but in particular at the moment with Simon Coulson and John Thornhill, two excellent UK based coaches. Dawud has a joint venture partnership with Simon and markets his courses through a stand alone website, The Marketing Training Library, which is part of the Elite Tigers Group. He is a participant of John’s Partnership To Success program and blogs about his experiences under John’s mentorship here.

The primary goal for the group in 2019 is to encourage members to develop multiple alternate streams of income that do not rely on Paypal and that produce actual products, either physical or digital, across a range of niches. Although the current climate is challenging, it remains the case that it has never been easier to make money online than it is in 2019 and we aim to make a six figure online income a reality for anyone that really wants it and is prepared to work for it.

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